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Institutional furniture

Institutional furniture

25000.00 Dollar US$ - Abbeville (Alabama) - September 11, 2018

Institutional furniture is different from the household furniture. The institutional furniture is unique and simply designed for employees, worker, students, or etc. Institutional furniture is a like a workstation furniture. CONTACT US: 89010292106   WEBSITE:

Dressing table

15000.00 Dollar US$ - Abbeville (Alabama) - September 11, 2018

We kept different type of furniture in our houses like sofa, bed, table dining table, coffee or center table. The dressing table is one of them. At first, when we prepare for the office or anywhere to go, we go to the dressing table. So dressing table must be attractive and have places for keeping t...

office table

10000.00 Dollar US$ - Abbeville (Alabama) - September 11, 2018

There are different kinds of furniture in the office. Office table is one of them. It is very important for the office. Director, Chairman, Manager, and all employees keep their files and other things in the office table. And the most important thing, Desktop is kept on the table. CONTACT US: 890102...

Office sofa

10000.00 Dollar US$ - Abbeville (Alabama) - September 11, 2018

Office sofa is a main furniture for the office. It must be attractive so that a man can sit comfortably on the sofa and the impression of the man should be good. CONTACT US: 89010292106   WEBSITE:

Best cleaning tips for furniture

25000.00 Dollar US$ - Abbeville (Alabama) - September 10, 2018

Do you know why furniture cleaning is so important? Furniture cleaning is very important because it increases the life of your furniture and you can use for a long time period. If your furniture has removable covers, then it’s easy to wash but it is not removable then its difficult to clean li...

Arrange a living room

25000.00 Dollar US$ - Abbeville (Alabama) - September 10, 2018

A living room is determined to be lived in and, if the furniture arrangement is half-baked, the room won’t fill its need. Color schemes and furniture assume a basic part of the general state of mind of your front room, but the genuine furniture arrangement has the effect between a comfortable ...

Cafe/Restaurant Furniture

20.00 Dollar US$ - Abbeville (Alabama) - September 7, 2018

Cafe or Restaurant is a place where people spent their free time outdoors. Cafe/Restaurant Furniture must be proper in shape, look, style, and design. So that people eat and spent their time peacefully with the good impression. And the furniture can increases the demand of a Cafe/Restaurant. CONTACT...

Institutional furniture

250.00 Dollar US$ - Abbeville (Alabama) - September 7, 2018

There are different types of furniture on this site.Institutional furniture is one of them. Institutional furniture is used in the Institute for employees. The structure of institutional furniture should be good so that the employees' result will be positive in the work of the company. And it must b...