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  • Bollywood auditions

    Bollywood auditions

    Health - Beauty - Fitness New Delhi (Delhi) January 9, 2020 300.00 Rs.

    Modelfactory is the international leader in talent discovery and model management, widely recognized for its diverse client roster. Model factory is biggest online presence in talent management industry 70000 model, actress or who want to be already ...

  • Hormone Deficiency

    Hormone Deficiency

    Health - Beauty - Fitness (Delhi) January 2, 2020 Check with seller

    Hormone deficiency Among the many factors that affect the growth and development of our body, one important factor is hormones which control almost all the functions of the body. In such a situation it is necessary that a balanced amount of every hor...

  • HIV Aids Test health

    HIV Aids Test health

    Health - Beauty - Fitness (Delhi) December 16, 2019 Check with seller

    HIV AIDS  AIDS एकप्रकारका HIV-curable रोगहैजिसकेकारणदुनियामेंइसकेरोगियोंकीसंख्या 31 मिलियन 2014 तकहै, इसबीमारीकोलेकरलोगोंकेमनमेंबहुतभ्रमहै।उदाहरणकेलिए, यदिहमकिसीसंक्रमितव्यक्तिकेसाथकहींबैठतेहैंयाभोजनकरतेहैं, तोहमएड्सकेशिकारनहींहोंगे।कईपुरुषऔरमहि...

  • Ferritin Test .

    Ferritin Test .

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    Ferritin Test   The ferritin test is a type of blood-related test. Which is done when there is a deficiency of iron in the blood? Ferretin is a type of protein found in the blood that acts to store iron. Iron deficiency in the blood occurs when ...

  • skin Biopsy test

    skin Biopsy test

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    Skin biopsy A skin biopsy involves taking a sample of cells or skin from the surface of your skin. Examination of the sample taken provides information about your medical condition. The purpose of the skin biopsy is to diagnose skin conditions and di...

  • Strong and thick wrist

    Strong and thick wrist

    Health - Beauty - Fitness East Delhi (Delhi) November 30, 2019 Check with seller

    The strong and thick wrist Whether you have to lift hTReavy things or do some powerful work, your strong wrist in both these places will reveal your fitness. Wrist strengthening is very important because it can make your personality look good as well...

  • Strong and Wide Shoulder

    Strong and Wide Shoulder

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    Strong and Wide Shoulder Many people use these terms and keep searching about their body's attractive muscles i.e. to tone, strengthen or enlarge the shoulder. This is also true because the personality of a person with a wide shoulder looks different...

  • strength, endurance and stamina

    strength, endurance and stamina

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    Everyone wants to lift heavyweight. But the body of many people becomes weak due to lack of proper food or a busy lifestyle. Due to which they become very weak and get tired quickly while doing any work. Many people used to come to my gym, which were...

  • urinalysis test

    urinalysis test

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    Urinalysis The urine test is a lab test. Through this test, the doctor can detect other problems of the body through the problems seen in the urine. Many diseases and disorders affect how waste material and toxins are released from the body. This mea...

  • Crunch_free exercise

    Crunch_free exercise

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    Crunch-free exercise Many people make abs to add beauty to their personality. Many people consider crunching to make abs, but in addition, with the help of many exercises, great abs can be made. It is very important to be physically fit to keep the b...

  • What does it mean to stink in children's mouths

    What does it mean to stink in children's mouths

    Health - Beauty - Fitness East Delhi (Delhi) November 27, 2019 Free

    It should be the responsibility of parents to teach children about physical hygiene. If any part of the body is not cleaned properly, then the mouth of children can smell. This may cause children to be embarrassed in front of people. If cavities and ...

  • SGOT and SGPT Test

    SGOT and SGPT Test

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      What is the SGPT test - The SGPT test (Serum Glutamate Pyruvate Transaminase) measures the amount of GPT in the blood. GPT is an enzyme found in the liver in large amounts. If the cells in which GPT is deposited, if any damage is done to those...